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FortiVoice, SMB, and the advantages of partnering with Live-Tech

The so-called death of the Business PBX was incredibly premature. Although the voice industry has gone through some dramatic changes, the demand and requests for business class voice solutions and services are as high as ever. An estimated $2T in sales and services is expected in the Voice systems before 2025. In reality the Extinction of Voice Solutions has become more of an Evolution. Legacy PBXes have given way to Voice over IP (VoIP) and Unified Communications (UC) systems. The reasons for the evolution are many, but it suffices to say that cost, flexibility, and ease of ownership are at the top of the list. The feature rich legacy voice systems were very robust but more or less have followed the Mainframes to the salvage yard. The dedicated cable plants and telecom teams of yesteryear were rolled into the IT team and the IP network. SIP Trunking, Computer based PBXes, and VoIP Endpoints are now the industry standard. UC systems are enjoyed with new levels of mobility previously unimagined, integrations with Cellular are opening the benefits of BYOD, and introduced a sea change in the personalization of communications. When implemented properly, the IT-like installations of UC systems can deliver an amplification of user productivity but also a drop in TCO can be enjoyed. The question now is no longer when but how to convert from legacy voice to VoIP. Many vendors have produced compelling products in this space, but careful consideration must be applied to the design and acquisition or these new solutions, because as these systems are rolled into corporate networks the requirements of security are different and must be addressed.

Fortinet is a unique power-house vendor with its core competency in Cybersecurity, but also with excellent products in Data Networking, Wireless, Network Management, Cloud, SD-WAN, Identity and Access Management, and Voice. Purchasing a voice solution from a renown cybersecurity vendor is an excellent choice in that you can take comfort in with the adjacent security innate in the product line. Fortinet’s simple all-in-one approach to providing voice solutions (FortiVoice), takes away the legacy necessity to add modules when enhanced functionality is needed because the fundamental capabilities are all included day one: conferencing, auto-attendants, messaging, hunt groups, and several others. Only special capabilities such as Call Center or Hospitality require additional license. FortiVoice makes OWNING an enterprise quality voice system a simple matter of an IT-like purchase and partnering with a trusted Fortinet Managed Services provider makes OPERATING these voice services easier than ever by turning voice system manage into a simple service request. This ease of deployment and operation is especially important to SMB, but eliminating the requirement to staff-up in specialized voice skills. SMB firms can focus on core business and forgo the mastery of voice technology, leaving these functions up to your trusted partner.

When it comes to FortiVoice and FortiFone a rock solid Managed Services Partner is Live-Tech, HQ’ed in Deltona, Florida but offering services world wide. Live-Tech offers a strong range technical IT on-site services including the full range of services associated with FortiVoice and FortiFone. Live-Tech can design, purchase, install and support every aspect of the FortiVoice product line. Whether it be remote operations and monitoring or a dispatched truck-roll to on site activity, Live-Tech is a strong partner for the SMB appropriate FortiVoice and FortiFone Solutions.

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