Huntress Cyber Security – Server



Hackers can slip past firewalls and anti-virus solutions, establishing a foothold in a company’s network where they may lurk undetected

What Makes Huntress Unique
Huntress Software has a cyber-breach detection capability that:

Quickly detects if you have already been hacked
Finds the viruses and malware that get past virus protection
Reports malicious applications
Addresses footholds that allow hackers to go undetected
Finds the compromise before the situation escalates
Performs “routine health screenings” on each computer, regardless of location
Delivers prioritized remediation recommendations (not just alerts) to affected members

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Huntress minimizes the time hackers lurk undetected on computers, laptops, and servers. To accomplish this, Huntress detects and reports malicious applications which are set to automatically run when the system boots up. Although viruses are constantly evolving, the techniques used by hackers to maintain a foothold on computers have hardly changed in 20 years.

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